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USS Caperton Sailors

The listing below is a partial listing of those who served aboard the USS Caperton. If you or someone you know should be on this list but is not please email me at

If you would like to see a correction please let me know the correct info, and I would be happy to update the record. To help me identify the sailor you are requesting an update for, please include the Key number on the far left of the name

You may search on Surname; First name; Town; State or Era. To search state please use the two letter abbreviation.

Key Surname First Name Town State From To Rank In Rank Out Era
451 Bergnes A.
452 Beyerle Raymond W.
10 Binner Lawrence E. Palmyra PA
23 Binner Lawrence E. Palmyra PA
24 Bisbee Rex D. Waterloo IA 1943 1946
453 Bissel George Jr.
25 Blaszcyk Anthony Plantsville CT
26 Bledsoe William A. Atlanta GA
454 Bloyer Vaughn
455 Boro John F.
33 Bowler Edmund D. West Springfield MA
456 Bowman Joseph G. (Joe)
34 Boyd Eugene D. Jaynesville WI
35 Bradham Henry Dalton GA 1955 1958
457 Brewer William L.
38 Brocker Thomas H. Philadelphia PA 1956 1959
750 Brown James K. Neptune NJ 1953 1955
458 Brown Raymond
40 Brownell Richard M. Livingston NJ
41 Bruneau Donald F. Cohoes NY
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