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USS Caperton Sailors

The listing below is a partial listing of those who served aboard the USS Caperton. If you or someone you know should be on this list but is not please email me at

If you would like to see a correction please let me know the correct info, and I would be happy to update the record. To help me identify the sailor you are requesting an update for, please include the Key number on the far left of the name

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Key  Surname  First Name  Town  State  From To Rank In Rank Out Era 
72 Coppola Andrew Boca Raton FL
319 Recine Angelo Milltown NJ 1943 1946
25 Blaszcyk Anthony Plantsville CT
381 Testa Anthony Orlando FL 1943 1946
494 Forgione Anthony (Tony)
671 Ragosta Anthony (Tony)
709 Turco Anthony C.
236 MacAllaster Archie F. Fairfield CT
399 Vecere Arnold Bridgewater MA
123 Foyt Arnold J. Tekamah NE 1944 1946 WWII
489 Ehrenberg Arthur
644 Long Arthur
297 Parris Arthur Ponte Vedro Beach FL
110 Essman Arthur G. Wellston OH 1956 1959 Korea
743 Jackson Arthur Galen Fair Oaks CA 1943 Radarman 3rd WWII
665 Peterson Arthur R.
735 Peterson Arthur R. 3/9/1945 1/3/1946 Pharm Mate 2nd Class PHM 1c WWII
523 Cordin B. I. Korea
526 Davis B. J. Korea
365 Steevels Barend B. Glastonbury CT 1953 1953
479 Davis Benjamin W., III
63 Cochran Bennie N. Birmingham AL
51 Carville Bernard Houston TX
137 Gerhardt Bernard Flint MI
133 Gasiewicz Bernard J. Walnut CA
203 Kincannon Bill Bayfield CO 1952 1956
267 Meteraud Bill Tucson AZ 1955 1956
740 Whitnauer Bob Korea
432 Wyttenhove Bob Chanhassen MN
703 Straw Bobby A.
135 Geer Bobby R. Anna TX 1956 1958 Korea
275 Mitchell Brooks Jamacia NY 1953 1955 Korea
207 Kowalczyk Byron L. Rochester MN
121 Foster Byron O. Long Mont CO
614 Williams C. Korea
572 Nelson C. A. Korea
561 Lemanski C. D. Korea
512 Brown C. E. Korea
583 Retherford C. F. Korea
519 Caprio C. J. Korea
542 Gorbea C. R. Korea
616 Wright C. T. Korea
262 McMahon C.L. Jr Chandler NC 1943 1944
185 Jackson Caleb (Sandy) Graham NC 1952 1952
636 Laning Caleb B. RADM
362 Spencer Carl E. Stow OH 1953 1955
422 Wigglesworth Carl E. W. Fargo ND 1958 1960
102 Eaton Carl J. Newark DE 1950 1954 Korea
428 Wion Carl R. Piqua OH
145 Glennon Carlton W. Canterbury CT 1954 1957 Korea