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USS Caperton Sailors

The listing below is a partial listing of those who served aboard the USS Caperton. If you or someone you know should be on this list but is not please email me at

If you would like to see a correction please let me know the correct info, and I would be happy to update the record. To help me identify the sailor you are requesting an update for, please include the Key number on the far left of the name

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Key  Surname  First Name  Town  State  From To Rank In Rank Out Era 
505 Beuerle William H. 1952 1954 Korea
377 Taylor William H. Snow Hill MD 1951 1954
259 McEvoy William J. Brick Township NJ 1952 1956
655 McVey William J. Capt.
457 Brewer William L.
444 Aust William Leo
419 Weston William M. Marblehead MA
4 Ameen William R. Great Falls SC
67 Collins William R. Peabody MA 1951 1953 Korea
291 Ninness William W. Marion IL
414 Weinell William W. Tucson AZ
232 Lowe Willis 1944 1946
721 Webber Willis (Will)
82 Dale Wilton C. Attleboro MA 1951 1954 Korea
431 Wood Wylie G. Sulphur Springs TX
439 Kim Yo Yun GunPo City Korea 1953 1953
574 Palmer Z. A. Korea
140 Gillogly Zane Hanover IL